January 4, 2012

My own "Kharnversion"

Thanks to Kepora over at Southern-fried Gaming I've been inspired to start blogging again.  So appropriately I'll start with a model I finished fairly recently: Kharn the Betrayer! (Pre-heresy)

Bloody Goodness!

I did this guy up because I wasn't happy with my non-chainaxe version here.  I entered him in a painting contest and placed second.  I was beaten out by a beautifully painted Ogre Lord from Warhammer Fantasy.

I was extremely happy with how he came out.  The brass trim on the armor works really well with the white/blue pre-heresy scheme and the blood was an experiment that I will be repeating many times again.

Kharn just needs a chainaxe!

I'll follow with some works in progress over the next couple days.  Namely Ork Meganobz I'm painting up for a friend and my Grey Knights.  I'll compare my new to my old and see what people think about where I'm taking them.

As always comments, questions and criticism encouraged!

EDIT: Since there seems to be some controversy over at BoLS check out Dezartfox's Kharnversion here:


  1. Lookin' sharp! Astorath isn't the first choice in my mind for Kharn conversions, but I think you managed to pull it off well; the vertebrae-shaped handle and the old-school backpack really bring him together. I got my hands on some of the Forgeworld retro-style heavy weapons, so I may try dropping one of those backpacks onto my Kharn to hush the nay-sayers on BoLS.

    My only critique is more of a suggestions; perhaps the skull-filled right shoulderpad would be better in a bone or brass color, keeping the blue trim? Right now the skulls seem kinda washed-out.

  2. That's a good suggestion Kepora. I considered doing the shoulders differently originally but the rest of my Pre-Heresy world eaters have completely blue shoulder pads.

    I will consider this the next time I have the bone colors on my pallette and post an update if I change it!