February 23, 2011

WIP: Salamander Terminators

As promised here is the current status of my Salamanders Project.

To review, since I haven't said anything about it on here yet:

Using the Space Wolves codex (I know, I know give me a break. It's the only way I can fit this many heroes into the list at the moment.) The army is 1750 points consisting of 17 men and 2 droppods.

February 21, 2011

WIP: Njall Stormcaller

Spent Sunday at my airbrush buddy's place and got the armor color down on this guy and nearly my entire Salamander's project.

Can't decide if this is first order of business or if I'll do the scale cloaks for the Sallys first.

WIP shots of some of the sallys to follow.

Also, if anyone cares this is Shadow Grey worked up to Space Wolves Grey in 3 steps.

February 20, 2011

Quick Review #4: Unknown

I went into this movie with a bunch of friends expecting Taken. I loved Taken, the boys and I got entirely too overstimulated at Liam Neeson punching France in the throat. It was a revenge journey by a man who has all the tools in the shed to complete it with.

Unknown was not Taken.

I also wasn't disappointed.

Unknown was a psychological drama with bitchin car chases (a-la Bourne) some excellent misdirection and a completely appropriate ending. The film uses perfectly plausible explanations to hide the truth and the truth to mislead you into thinking something else. I have to say I found myself removed from the story a couple times but when I did I was able to appreciate the cinematography of Flavio Labiano.

All in all, a surprisingly enjoyable viewing when I was expecting full tilt throat punching.