January 22, 2011

WIP Imperial Fist

Here's another one I've been working on. Combines some parts from the space wolves squad box with assault marine bits.

I plan on using him as a count as Shrike.

Haven't decided what color I'll do the trim yet. Probably bronze or gold.

January 18, 2011

Quick Review #3: The Green Hornet

Man... The Green Hornet.  The first time I saw the trailer for this flick I didn't pay it much attention.  I've got this illogical automatic response to movies with Seth Rogan in them.  I just automatically want to avoid everything to do with them.  I forget what first got me interested.  I think it was likely seeing the trailer again in front of a movie a couple months ago. 

The gag at the end of the trailer with the gas gun killed me.  It was hilarious.  From that point I decided I would give this a chance and go in expecting nothing but a "popcorn flick" as a friend of mine likes to call them.  Senseless violence, comedy and tragic decisions for the sake of the plot. 

This is exactly what the Green Hornet delivers.  Take that for what you will.  Don't expect the next Iron Man or the next Inception and you will enjoy the ride.


The gas-gun gag still got me in the theatre even though I knew it was coming!

WIP World Eaters

I did some test models for this paint scheme already and now I'm ready to crank out 30 or so of these bloodthirsty marines.  They are a kitbash between regular Chaos Space Marine and Khorne Berzerkers.

Here's the test figs:

And here's one I recently based along similar lines, count-as/pre-heresy Kharn:

I think these turned out pretty well. The first couple test models with the black-lining took forever though. I painted the trim bronze on the count-as Kharn to see how that would turn out and it looks alright too. For the rest of them though I've used my buddy's airbrush. I'm getting used to it the more I use it and I will definitely be picking one up once I've got the cash again. For now I'll live with the occasional trip over to his place.

Comments and criticism welcome of course. At the same time I was putting these guys together I also assembled and primed a Chaos Sorcerer. Expect that to come down the pipe one of these days.

January 17, 2011

Plague Marines

Here they are, the latest fruits of my labor. Four plague marines, three with plasma guns and one Plague Champion with a power fist (power klaw in this case.)

Also the three plasma gunners:

This guy had alot of spikes.

These guys turned out much better than my previous attempts at plague marines. Here's one from a few months ago:

Anyways, now I've got all the plasma I need when I get around to painting more of these guys they will all be bolters/boltpistols and one more champion.

I'll post what else I'm working on now in a couple days. Some Salamanders, some World Eaters and an Imperial Fist.

Also saw the Green Hornet last night.  Quick review on the way.

January 14, 2011

What's on the Table?

FINALLY, first post with pictures.

Here we go, I've been without a furnace here in the cold white north for a couple days now and it's not going to be fixed until Monday. Been doing alot of painting huddling round the space heater.

Here's what I'm working on right now:

Broad shot of my dining room table.

Semi-close up.

So what is all this? Well the red guys on the left are my buddies Tau. Going to be a belated x-mas gift. The yellow guys in the front are an assault squad I threw together from leftover bits. The three guys in the back on the left are (left to right.) Imperial fists count as Shrike, Salamander test model #1 Sternguard mini, Salamander test model #2 Space Hulk Terminator.

Everything on the right is for my Chaos Space marines. Three squads of soon-to-be pre heresy colored World Eaters, four Plague marines and a count as Kharn.

Everything is WIP but the Plaguies are the closest to being finished. Will have pics of them once they are finished.

January 11, 2011

Quick Review #2: The King's Speech

OK here we go, second one in what I hope to keep up with as an ongoing series.

Tom Hooper's The King's Speech is a brilliant movie, absolutely 100% character driven and man is it ever a good ride. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush do a fantastic job with their characters and their chemistry is definitely Oscar worthy. I also want to give a quick nod to the Danny Cohen (DoP) and whoever cut the soundscape. The cinematography was brilliant, I caught myself being very impressed with choices of framing and use of space many times throughout. I'm going to have to watch it again and really pay attention now that I know the plot.


January 8, 2011

Quick Review #1: The Fighter

I think I'll start a series of reviews of movies. Nothing too in depth or fancy and I'll never spoil anything. Just a few lines with my immediate reactions to the flick. Here's the first one, David O. Russell's "The Fighter":

Just saw The Fighter last night. Was very impressed with this movie. I knew it had received good reviews going in but it did an excellent job of pulling you down one story line and flipping focus to a parallel arc. One more movie that defends Christian Bale as a good actor in my books. People say he's emotionless; watch this movie and he'll have you convinced!


P.S. I'll have some pics up tomorrow.