January 12, 2012

Grey Knight Dilemma

Ok, so here I stand at an impasse.

I'm definitely going to be expanding my old Grey Knight army.  I've come to terms with my dislike for the strange proportions of the models.  I've gotten some inspiration from some conversions and paint schemes I've seen around the internet.  I've even gotten a squad of the new grey knights, a razorback and the new finecast Helbrecht model for a counts-as Castellan Crowe.  I've even gotten a few games in to test out some theories I have about the codex.

I just can't decide how I want to paint them.

January 5, 2012

An Orky Holiday

These guys are the latest to go under the brush on my table.

A unit of 6 Meganobz for my Ork friend Big Boss Dakka.

He got Ghazghkull converted and painted from me as a gift last year and this year I'm painting up these Deffskullz:

January 4, 2012

My own "Kharnversion"

Thanks to Kepora over at Southern-fried Gaming I've been inspired to start blogging again.  So appropriately I'll start with a model I finished fairly recently: Kharn the Betrayer! (Pre-heresy)

Bloody Goodness!

January 3, 2012

Not lost in the warp...

A lot has transpired since last we spoke.

I've been busy with life, graduating (for the second time) getting into the routine (lol) of freelance work and shooting a short film. The film is off to the editor and I have a little more time to spend on my hobby of choice now.

I'll follow over the next couple weeks with updates on projects I have in progress.

Most importantly I have to admit something. I am going to be spending time on my Grey Knights again.

March 12, 2011

Grey Knights Post 2: I am even more disappoint...

So I did make it in to my local GW on Friday morning (before I went to record foley for 8 hours.)

They had received their black box and I proceeded to plunder the contents.

Inside I found the codex (thank god) a squad of Terminators which the redshirt had already assembled and the dreadknight which sat untouched on its sprue. No power armor grey knights! Seriously guys? The staple of the release is missing? Well this didn't start off well.