January 3, 2012

Not lost in the warp...

A lot has transpired since last we spoke.

I've been busy with life, graduating (for the second time) getting into the routine (lol) of freelance work and shooting a short film. The film is off to the editor and I have a little more time to spend on my hobby of choice now.

I'll follow over the next couple weeks with updates on projects I have in progress.

Most importantly I have to admit something. I am going to be spending time on my Grey Knights again.

I know that I bashed them when they first were released and I still hold to that the new models have poor proportions and look too static for my tastes. However, I failed to look at one fairly important aspect of the new models. Plastic/finecast vs metal. This allows for infinitely more possibilities in terms of ease of conversion.

I have some really big issues with many of the models out there but I am going to endeavor to come up with an army that I will not only enjoy playing competitively, but will be proud of how it looks on the table.

I'll drop some lists in the near future too.

For now I am working on a belated Christmas gift for an orky friend; Big Boss you know who you are.

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