January 5, 2012

An Orky Holiday

These guys are the latest to go under the brush on my table.

A unit of 6 Meganobz for my Ork friend Big Boss Dakka.

He got Ghazghkull converted and painted from me as a gift last year and this year I'm painting up these Deffskullz:

I still have to finish painting the bases and highlighting the head/skulls but otherwise they're basically finished.  A quick job to move on to the next project.  I think I'll finish up a Njall Stormcaller I've had sitting on the shelf for months.

I used a similar blood method as I did on my Kharnversion.  The weathering was a quick and dirty job with a piece of sponge and the rust is watered down GW Bestial Brown and GW Fiery Orange.

The blue reminded me how much I enjoyed painting my first Warhammer 40k army: Crimson Fists waaaay back when I was in highschool.  I think I might have to paint up a, homage model for nostalgia's sake.

Here's the rear view of the Meganobz above:

Comments and criticism welcome!  I don't have a lot of experience painting Orks but hopefully Dakka is pleased with these guys.

If anyone has any suggestions on what you would like to see from me article-wise please let me know in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by!  Stay tuned for Grey Knights!

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