January 17, 2011

Plague Marines

Here they are, the latest fruits of my labor. Four plague marines, three with plasma guns and one Plague Champion with a power fist (power klaw in this case.)

Also the three plasma gunners:

This guy had alot of spikes.

These guys turned out much better than my previous attempts at plague marines. Here's one from a few months ago:

Anyways, now I've got all the plasma I need when I get around to painting more of these guys they will all be bolters/boltpistols and one more champion.

I'll post what else I'm working on now in a couple days. Some Salamanders, some World Eaters and an Imperial Fist.

Also saw the Green Hornet last night.  Quick review on the way.


  1. Nice work, not played chaos for ages though these look like conversions? If so how did you go about doing them?

  2. @Dalinair: The lighter colored ones all have forgeworld torsos and left shoulderpads. The standard CSM pieces were roughed up a bit with a hobby knife. The plague champion's "power fist" is an ork nob power klaw.