January 18, 2011

WIP World Eaters

I did some test models for this paint scheme already and now I'm ready to crank out 30 or so of these bloodthirsty marines.  They are a kitbash between regular Chaos Space Marine and Khorne Berzerkers.

Here's the test figs:

And here's one I recently based along similar lines, count-as/pre-heresy Kharn:

I think these turned out pretty well. The first couple test models with the black-lining took forever though. I painted the trim bronze on the count-as Kharn to see how that would turn out and it looks alright too. For the rest of them though I've used my buddy's airbrush. I'm getting used to it the more I use it and I will definitely be picking one up once I've got the cash again. For now I'll live with the occasional trip over to his place.

Comments and criticism welcome of course. At the same time I was putting these guys together I also assembled and primed a Chaos Sorcerer. Expect that to come down the pipe one of these days.

1 comment:

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