February 23, 2011

WIP: Salamander Terminators

As promised here is the current status of my Salamanders Project.

To review, since I haven't said anything about it on here yet:

Using the Space Wolves codex (I know, I know give me a break. It's the only way I can fit this many heroes into the list at the moment.) The army is 1750 points consisting of 17 men and 2 droppods.

Squad 1:
Chapter Master Tu'Shan (Count as Logan Grimnar)
Veteran Sergeant Herculon Praetor (Count As Arjac Rockfist)
3 Wolf Guard Terminators who I have yet to name.
Dropping in a pod.

Squad 2
Veteran Sergeant Tsu'Gan (Count as Ragnar Blackmane, using the LotD Sergeant model)
4 Wolf Guard Terminators, unnamed so far.
Dropping in a pod.

Squad 3
Chief Librarian Pyriel (Count as Njall Stormcaller)
Librarian Dak'ir (Count as Runepriest in TDA)
5 Wolf Guard Terminators, also unnamed.

So as you can see this is clearly not the most competitive list out there. In fact I made it with the sole intention of painting them to the best of my ability. I also have a converted TDA chaplain that I'm going to be working into an alternate version of the list. All in all I've got 17 guys. All ready to smash some face.

This here's Praetor:

One of the "Wolf Guard" in Tu'Shan/Praetor's squad:

And this is Pyriel:

All are at the stage just after I've airbrushed the armor. I have Tu'Shan assembled as of last night and three more Wolf guard to put together before I have them all ready to go.

C&C welcome. I'll break down the wolf guard in a later list.


  1. Looks like someone is really enjoying the Salamander Books. I just started the second one in the series. I am looking forward to seeing the project continue! The base coats look well done, and the bases that you have painted up look nice and fitting with the tone of the books...

  2. I really like the lizard heads on the shoulder pads of the Praetor. Nice touch. Are they saurus heads?

  3. @Rath: I did enjoy them. I got the audiobook Fireborn as well. I liked it I'm going to have to keep my eye out for more of the black library audiobooks. Thanks for the comments. I originally had Elysius in the list in TDA but then he lost his arm... I'll work him in once I find an appropriate model.

    @Night Runner: Thanks, they are saurus heads. I used a few other pieces from that kit throughout as well. They had to be cutdown at the back so they sat flush to the shoulderpads but a little greenstuff filled the seams nicely.