March 11, 2011

Grey Knights: I am disappoint.

Wow. So the new Grey Knight models are up for advance order on the GW site. I was looking forward to this for a LONG time.

I've been a fan of the Grey Knights for a few years now and had started an army of my own. Ive currently got about 15 power armor grey knights, a grand master and a land raider. I had some inquisitorial stormtroopers in a rhino but they seem to have been booted (yes I can take them as henchmen but I am not impressed.) Not a huge army by any means but I've put my time into it and had fun with it on the table.

Let me start with this: I am disappointed.

Now let me quantify this statement. I am completely and utterly underwhelmed by the entire range of new minis up for advance order.

I have spent the last year in patient anticipation, awaiting the arrival of the Knights. As the models I saw released in their stead improved in quality: Space wolves, Tyranids, Blood angels and best of all Dark Eldar. So did my expectation for the new plastic sculpts of the Grey Knights.

I envisioned detail and dynamic pose on par with the Death Company. Instead we get what feels to me like less detail than the previous metal sculpts. The proportions and anatomy feels awkward as well. The helms feel too big for the rest of the body and the thighs seem too small for the shins and torsos. The two handed weapons are just off with the static legs. The storm bolters have taken a significant step backwards as well. They look blocky and the sickle magazines have replaced the previous belt feed that used to run up under the shoulderpad.

The Terminators suffer a similar fate. The legs are all posed solid stuck to the ground. Even the vanilla and chaos terminators come with a couple sets of running legs. People have argued that they look good, but I feel like GW just cast the previous metal range in plastic. I don't see any significant improvements, improvements I was counting on to refresh the model inventory.

Every single model has his legs planted shoulder width apart. Not a single dynamic movement. Everything from the PAGK to Draigo and the Dreadknight.

I now have to come to a decision. I'm going to go into my local GW tomorrow and see if I can get my hands on the models and the codex. I'll have to be alot more impressed than I am right now to invest any of my money in them. The decision I have to make is where do I go from here. Do I expand my GK army and buy the models even though I'm not impressed? Do I finally succumb to the Blood Angel models that I've been admiring, despite not being interested in the Blood Angel fluff at all (and actually quite the opposite, I am not a fan at all.) Or do I turn heretic myself and invest in Dark Eldar. By all reports a challenging army to play (I love a challenge) and beautiful models to boot.

I'll report back tomorrow.




  1. Have to say, you make a fair point, at first glance I really liked the models but then I wasnt comparing them with the old ones, when you do, the storm bolters for example are horrendous.


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