February 20, 2011

Quick Review #4: Unknown

I went into this movie with a bunch of friends expecting Taken. I loved Taken, the boys and I got entirely too overstimulated at Liam Neeson punching France in the throat. It was a revenge journey by a man who has all the tools in the shed to complete it with.

Unknown was not Taken.

I also wasn't disappointed.

Unknown was a psychological drama with bitchin car chases (a-la Bourne) some excellent misdirection and a completely appropriate ending. The film uses perfectly plausible explanations to hide the truth and the truth to mislead you into thinking something else. I have to say I found myself removed from the story a couple times but when I did I was able to appreciate the cinematography of Flavio Labiano.

All in all, a surprisingly enjoyable viewing when I was expecting full tilt throat punching.


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