December 31, 2010


Welcome to my little space on the internet.

First off, I'm a film student and an avid warhammer enthusiast. I started playing in 1999, played for 3 years or so, took a 7 year hiatus and picked it up again a couple years ago. Those being my 2 main interests, that's what I'll be posting about mostly here.

I want to use this space as my one stop dropoff for the things I create. I also want to use this to get the word out and have discussions on things I find interesting.

In the warhammer world I play Imperial Fists, Chaos Space Marines and Grey Knights. More importantly though I paint everything I can. I love cracking open a new box and looking at my options. I've done some Orks and Space Wolves, even some Tau and Necrons in the past. I've also resolved myself to develop my skills over the last month or so and into the new year.

Over the next week I'll put up a few posts with things I've done, models I've painted, photos I've taken and maybe some footage I've shot.

Keep your brushes wet everyone.


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